Creating an Instagram Account People Want to Follow

Start at your profile. You have to know what content you’re actually going to post. People need to know exactly what to expect from you. People need to know who you are and what benefits your profile is going to provide them.

Figure out when the best time to post is. Start with test runs. Post different content at different times and see when your audience is most active on social media to determine your content schedule. You can use analytics on Instagram to track when your audience views your profile the most. You can even use a scheduling application to schedule your content days/months in advance so you don’t have to post every day.

Make sure your feed is consistent. Stick with the same theme and filter on each post. Choose your brand’s personality and continue that same perception through each post. How do you want people to view your brand?

Update your profile URL link. Add a website or a relevant link to your Instagram bio to get people to visit that site as well. This link can be a social media profile, a photo feed app (VSCO), or anything else. For business profiles, it’s best to use your website link so people can get connected with the product/service you are trying to sell.

Use a lot of hashtags. This is the number one way to make all of your content visible. Once people see your content underneath a hashtag search, they will be likely to visit your profile, and follow you. This method brings more awareness to your brand.

Follow people with similar interests or businesses apart of the same industry. They will most likely follow back.

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