Why Outdated Logo’s Are A No-Go

A strong brand logo is crucial for a company to stay at the top of consumer’s minds. There are three benefits that come if your brand has an effective logo:

  1. Brand Identity. One image says everything about your brand
  2. Trust. A strong presentation of your company will lead to a strong perception of your brand
  3. Standing out in a large crowd

So, how do you know when it’s a good time to change up your logo? Here are some signs that you will get:

  1. It’s no longer trending. People are no longer able to connect with your brand because it looks old and not in connection with the world. Your brand looks out of touch with the trends around it. People no longer remember what your brand is.
  2. It no longer represents the evolution of your company. Your company isn’t the same company as when it first began. Your logo no longer reflects what your business mission is.
  3. It’s no longer in sync with your rebranding. Your brand logo is a reflection of your rebranding. It needs to change when your brand changes and be polished to show the efforts dedicated to rebranding.

Here are some examples of companies that have updated their logos successfully:





There is no definite time you should redesign/change your logo. However, if your mind is telling you that your logo is falling behind, isn’t flashy enough, or does not fully represent your brand and its message, you should consider redesigning it to make it up to date and trendy.

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