What Not To Do On Social Media

  1. Don’t ignore your followers. If people mention you on social media, acknowledge them. Whether it’s a mention back or just a simple favorite/like. It’s okay to be forgetful sometimes. However, if someone asks you something don’t pretend like you’re too cool to respond to them. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have.
  2. Try sneaky tactics to get new followers. Don’t follow and unfollow people just to get them to follow your account. That’s shady. Don’t use third party bots either. Also, be sure to not purchase your followers because you will be exposed eventually. Just because you pay for these sneaky strategies, doesn’t mean they aren’t spammy.
  3. Over use @mentions on posts. It’s okay to give someone a shout out on social media but don’t overdo it because this floods people’s feed. It’s against Twitter’s policy to abuse the reply/mention feature to send unsolicited repeated messages and you could get reported to spam.
  4. Overshare. Make sure the content you’re posting is relevant to who your followers are. Do they care about it? If they don’t, don’t post it.
  5. Be negative. Don’t ever complain on social media. No one wants negative energy on their feed. Stay positive J
  6. Post 500 million times a day. Quality is more important than quantity.
  7. Don’t expect engagement after you post.
  8. Use too many #hashtags. Engagement drops on Twitter with each additional hashtag you add. For Instagram, 9 or more hashtags have more engagement than posts with less. For Facebook, just don’t use hashtags.
  9. Post other people’s work without giving credit. Don’t crop out someone’s name and use their content as your own. That’s not cool.
  10. Auto DM. This will get people to unfollow your account.

Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to increasing brand awareness and engagement for your brand.

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