Using Keywords in Blog Posts

What are keywords:

These are ideas and topics that define exactly what your content is about. In SEO terms, they’re the words/phrases that user’s type into search engines. You want these keywords to be relevant and describe exactly what your brand is about. Keywords are important because they fulfil the user’s need when searching for content. Keywords allow you to be found easily. These phrases need to line up with your content perfectly. These determine the type of traffic you get. You want your consumer to know exactly what they should expect from you.

Use keywords in your blog titles:

To incorporate keywords into your blog posts, make sure to use them in your blog title. This will tell your target audience exactly what your blog is about and whether or not it fits their specific search.

Only use one or two keyword phrases per blog post:

Your goal is to increase the traffic that comes to your blog from different search engines. Optimize each blog with one or two keywords. Too many keyword phrases are bad and can cause your reader to think your blog is spam. Keywords and phrases make your site user friendly and easy to find.

Use keywords throughout blog post:

Don’t keyword stuff. But, try to use your keywords multiple times in your blog post. These keywords should be used within the first 200 characters in the beginning of your blog, several times throughout, and near the end of the post.

Keywords should be used in and around links:

This is a good idea. For a search engine such as Google, more weight is placed on linked text than unlinked text when ranking search engines. So, when its relevant you need to be sure to add keywords around linked text.

Use keywords in image alt-tags:

When uploading an image to your blog to use in the blog post, you have the option to add alternate text for that image that will appear if a visitor clicks on one of your images in their web browser. So, this alternate text can help your overall search engine efforts because the HTML of your content is called an “alt-tag.” Google and other search engines browse that tag and use it in providing results for keyword searches. So, add keywords that are relevant to your image, and post in the alt-tag for each image you upload and publish to your blog.  

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