Reasons Your Business Should Convert to a Business Profile on Instagram

6 Reasons You Should Convert to A Business Profile on Instagram

Instagram has this awesome feature that allows you to switch your personal profile to a business profile. What is so great about this feature you may wonder? What does a business profile do that a personal profile won’t do?

  1. Analytics Feature: With a personal profile, you won’t be able to see the demographics of your overall Instagram account. The business profile feature allows you to see how well your current posts are performing. Instead of recording your Instagram following rate on a spreadsheet, you can now view the following rate within the app itself. You can view your business account’s full metrics: gender, age range, popular cities, etc. Instagram provides full insight of data using bar and pie charts. This makes evaluating your success much more efficient.
  2. Action Button Feature: Switching to a Business account inserts a contact button on your profile page. This allows your followers or fans to contact you quickly by the click of the button. This feature is awesome ontop of being able to have a link to your website in your bio as well. You can give your followers access to your email, phone number or mailing address. When clicking these links to the mailing address, email, and phone number they each take the customer immediately to creating an email in the mail app, placing a phone call, or opening the location of the business in the map application the user set as their default. The button “Message” is also available for users who want to direct message you. You can even add action buttons that are linked to GrubHub, Yelp, and EventBrite.
  3. Promote/Advertise Your Products/Services:In your business profile on Instagram you can run ads. If you are considering building your brand through Instagram, you should definitely use the business profile setting. Ads can be very useful to building brand awareness.
  4. Schedule Content With A Third Party App:You get to unplug with this feature. If you are looking to post content very frequently but not daily, this is the profile for you! Instead of manually posting each day, you can schedule your posts in advance to make getting your content to the public quicker and easier.
  5. Swipe-Up Link on Instagram: This feature only works for business profiles with over 10k followers. This attribute drives traffic to your homepage, includes a link to earn commision, or directs your target audience to whatever call of action you have.
  6. Don’t Have Any Doubts: There are a lot of benefits of switching however, if you dislike the business profile setting, you can always switch back to your personal profile. But, it doesn’t hurt to try new things. Step out of your comfort zone because this is a step to pushing your brand awareness forward to mass audiences quickly and more efficiently.

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