Improve Your Engagement on Instagram

Are you using Instagram stories to improve engagement with your audience? If yes, are you taking advantage of the features Instagram offers?

Here’s some ways you can boost your Instagram stories:

  1. “Tap for More Feature:
  • This feature is very easy to use. First, go to your Instagram, tap on your story, add your audience message, and then add an arrow graphic to the top right of the screen. This will get viewers to click on the next story segment. Even though stories seem to be useless because they last up to 15 seconds long, they matter. The more that viewers just click and watch, then the less they are going to be absorbed into your content. Which, makes them a lot more likely to leave your story sequence (bounce rate).
  • When you instruct users to “tap for more” this gives them a sense of control. They become involved with each section of your story. It also triggers audience to go from a passive to an active state of mind. Then, the chances of getting a tap on your story versus a bounce increase.
  • In your message to your target audience, make a story slide that asks your audience a question such as: “What social media platform are you most active on?” This gives your content a call to action.

2. Delivering Content Worth Screenshotting:

  • Design multiple designs to be used as wallpapers (must be attractive and stand out). Then, share them to your story so users can screenshot them to use them on their mobile device.
  • In the slide before the wallpapers slide alert your audience before with a caption like, “Do you like cool wallpapers? Be ready to screenshot!”. Any business can share screenshot worthy wallpapers to their audience. Inspirational quotes are great to share as well. Who doesn’t like motivation? (Wallpapers can be created in Canva.)
  • Sharing a list to your story is also helpful in increasing engagement. In these lists you can post content on how to do something such as: setting up your bio, Instagram story, or using specific filters on content.

3. Keep up with Conversation:

  • Use stickers to receive feedback from your targeted audience very quickly. You can also gather more information through stickers (user can provide a detailed response instead of just answering with two answer choices).
  • Stickers help you learn all about your audience personas and what content they engage with the most. Fit your content to your consumer, don’t have them fit to your content. They don’t want to engage with it.
  • Use stickers to let the audience ask their own questions. This action will help humanize your brand making your audience feel more connected with you. Questions like, “What kind of content would you like me to post?”, will help you learn exactly what your audience needs and expects from you. This improves audience engagement over time.

4. Persuade Followers to DM you:

  • When anyone from your audience messages you, this gives you the immediate opportunity to build a trusting relationship with them.
  • This shows they are interested in your product/ service
  • Use surveys as a goal to get user’s to screenshot, answer several questions, and send their feedback in a email or direct message.

5. Increase Story Time With Hold to Read Feature:

  • If you hold your finger down on an Instagram story, you will get more time to digest the content. Ask viewers in your story to “hold to read” in order to view the content as long as they need. Do this when the content takes more than 15 seconds to read.
  • If content is longer than 15 seconds, make sure the content is going to be valuable enough to take up the user’s time.

6. Get Your Viewers to Turn the Volume Up:

  • Post video content (add “turn volume up message”) to get the audience to listen in. Use an emoji with the sound and post on story.

7. Use Different Poll Responses on Questions in Content:

  • “Yes or No” is a boring response. So instead use responses in polls like: “I definitely agree, or heck no!”. This adds uniqueness to your poll. Add color to increase post attractiveness.

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