How to Write Business Instagram Captions

  • Develop a brand voice that you want to communicate to your audience. You want to build a connection with your audience. Your brand voice can be sarcastic, casual, funny, or whatever you would like it to be but, it needs to stay consistent throughout your posts. Make your audience gain an emotional connection with your brand because then they are 4x likely to buy your product/service, and 10x likely to visit your website.
  • Create several draft captions for your instagram content. You should go through several Instagram drafts before posting a final caption to your feed. Make sure to proofread your captions. Optimize your posts with Hashtag Finder and SmartSchedule to stay on top of them and schedule them efficiently. Make sure to analyze what captions get the most responses/engagement on your posts.
  • Make a call to action for every caption with each piece of content you post. Get your consumer to do what you want them to do. Good examples of this are- “click the link in our bio to read more”. Call to actions should be posted within the first three sentences of your caption.
  • Make sure your captions trigger your audience’s emotions. Doing this can help increase sales. Give them a sense of fear (to buy your product), happiness, belonging (make them feel apart of something), trust (they read online reviews to make purchasing decision) and inspiration.
  • Add hashtags to your Instagram captions. You can use up to 30 captions, which will extend your brand awareness further into the Instagram search engine.
  • Use emojis in your Instagram captions. This will increase your engagement up to 43%.
  • Keep the conversation going in your post. Keep engaging and responding. Add questions into your captions to keep the consumer active on each individual post.
  • Direct your audience. Stay at the top of their minds. Make yourself rememberable.

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