How to Successfully Build a StartUp

Here are a few tips on how you can become a successful startup instead of a miracle startup company:

  1. Make sure you are solving a problem that you are passionate about. This is the first step that needs to be considered when forming a startup.
  2. Find validation in the problem. Why does this specific problem need to be solved and how will it benefit your customers? Give affirmation as to why this is actually a problem and the ways that it can be solved. How will you fund your business? Always set aside funds (at least 50%) to pay for marketing or promotions for your company.
  3. Create close relationships with your customers. When you have finally launched your company, make sure to keep following up with your current customers. Serve your customers by sending out surveys for them to complete, and always listen to/show you care about them.
  4. Be flexible. Be willing to adapt to your customers’ needs. Take pride in your own idea, however, be open to doing things in a different way. Make sure you are providing feedback that is beneficial and useful to your customer.
  5. Be active. Have hands on leadership and be willing to pick up any role needed to help your peers out within your company. Happy customer= leads.
  6. Don’t get comfortable. Continue to create bigger goals for your company. There are always ways to improve your business.
  7. Lastly, be patient. Nothing good can happen overnight. Hard work and dedication will get you where you want to be with your startup business. What you put in is what you are going to get out.

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