How to Properly Use Hashtags in All Social Media Platforms

What are social media hashtags?

Hashtags are any word/phrase with the symbol “#” in front of it. Twitter was the first social platform that used hashtags to form conversations about the same topic within a group. Any word with a “#” symbol in front of it became searchable and came with a hyperlink.

What do hashtags do?

They are used for group conversations, collecting posts together, searching for customers, allow you to be found by your customer, add context like an event or a location, and add emotion through showing different options or having fun!

Hashtag basics:

DON’T leave spaces between words with hashtags in front of them. DON’T use punctuation or special characters in your hashtags. All words with hashtags need to be completely connected. Using capital letters in hashtags is unneeded. It’s easier to skim hashtags if they are all lowercase letters. Make sure you are using the right hashtags for the right content on social. You want your hashtags to describe your content.

For Instagram:

Hashtags are how you become discovered on social media especially for new Instagram users. Add your hashtags to your caption as soon as you are creating your media. Use hashtags that are very popular and have 10,000-300,000 posts.

For Twitter:

Make sure to use simple/memorable hashtags but, look them up before using them to make sure they are popular. You want to use trendy hashtags. To join conversations, use event and conference hashtags.

For Facebook:

Since hashtags aren’t very popular on Facebook, reserve them for trending topics, events, and community conversions. Having too many hashtags will decrease your overall engagement with your content. Use hashtags in group posts to organize conversations.

For Pinterest:

Hashtags make your content easily searchable in the Pinterest feed and pins with hashtags seem to get better distribution as well. Pinterest favors pinned content coming from websites, so be sure to add relevant hashtags before saving your pins. Add 4 hashtags at the end of pin descriptions so they show up in the preview of your content.

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