How To Plan Your Social Media Content Calendar

  • Get Personal:

You want your followers to feel connected to you. Therefore, you must find a way to connect with them. Share a personal story or a fun fact that will allow your following audience to learn more about your business and who you are.

  • Ask A Question:

Don’t just talk about yourself and your brand! Engage with your audience. Most companies run social media by explaining only about themselves. No one wants to listen to someone who only talks about themselves. Increase your overall engagement on social by asking things like: “what are your weekend plans, what’s your favorite product and why, what is your favorite content we’ve posted, what would you like to know more about?” This will allow them to put their feedback into your social media and help you determine what to post next.

  • Get Social:

It is called social media. So, you need to stay active at all times on social. Make sure to set up notifications on your devices so, when someone comments, likes, or follows you- you can engage. You can run stories, voting polls, and post blog links on social posts to get people to give you more feedback.

  • You Must Get Creative:

Maybe have a contest for your followers. Ask them to fill in the blanks on a story or do a “caption this” giveaway relevant to your industry.

  • Inspire Your Audience:

Using your knowledge and creativity to motivate others, especially your target audience. People tend to gravitate towards social media accounts that inspire them, whether it’s inspiring them to travel, dress differently, be more positive, etc.

  • Promote Your Brand:

This is how you grow engagement and business. There are several social media tools you can use to easily and actively engage with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to throw your brand out there. Make your social accounts memorable and impacting.

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