Best Social Media Automation Tools You Should Consider

  1. Board Booster- this is for Pinterest. You can schedule new pins to go out to specified boards: your own or group boards. It allows you to replenish your Pinterest feed constantly. This app also includes analytics to see how your posts are actually doing. First 100 pins are free, and you can try before you purchase the software.
  2. Buffer- best to schedule posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You get the first account free to operate on but, if you are looking to use Buffer for business purposes then, you must purchase the Buffer Business Plan. This makes scheduling, engaging, and analytics easy to keep up with. Buffer makes it possible to really understand your audience fully.
  3. CoSchedule- Integrates with WordPress. If you change something on your calendar for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, or LinkedIn then, it automatically updates the content across all social media platforms.
  4. Facebook Native Scheduler- this is built in your Facebook page. Choose scheduler when creating a new post. You can schedule a date and time for your social content to be posted. This is completely free.
  5. Feedly- Set up RSS feeds for your favorite blogs into organized feeds. You can also share content on all social media platforms. Free plans up to 100 sources and allows sharing to all platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  6. Hootsuite- Access all social media platforms. Best for engaging on Twitter, monitors hashtags, and makes it easy to engage with all social media followers easily.
  7. IFTT- Allows you to automatically post social media content from one platform to another. That way, you don’t have to recreate content for it to be posted on another social network.
  8. Later- Very easy to schedule Instagram posts. You can preview the posts you’ve scheduled to see how the posts will appear in the feed. Analytics for Instagram are better on this app than they are on the Instagram analytics feature.
  9. Post Planner- Find and share content to Facebook. This application finds content for you to share and rates it based off of popularity. Very useful tool.
  10. Revive Old Post- Plug in for Word Press. It continually goes through your blog posts and sends them out to your social media.

These are all very useful tools to use to make using social media easier. Time is money, and all of these applications will save you TIME you could be making money.

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