9 Ways To Dominate Social Media in 2019

Go Live

  • Figure out how you can use live video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to grab your audience’s attention and show them what’s going on
  • Need ideas? 87% of audiences want to see the behind the scenes access and prefer to watch online live streaming video.
  • Post funny content. A lot of users are very interested in watching comical content. Show what a typical day looks like for you/your business and include bloopers that will make your audience laugh.
  • Show your audience your personality through your live content.

Show up on Instagram Stories

  • Use polls, gifs, stickers, locations and more on each story. People love engaging with that content.

Update your Hashtags

  • Don’t pack your posts with hashtags because you’re doing it wrong. Use targeting hashtags, and make sure the hashtags you use are used 10,000-500,000 times by others on social media. These hashtags are actively used, and your content is less likely to disappear.
  • The fewer the hashtags, the better. See which hashtags get you the most engagement.

Take advantage of user-generated content

  • This is free content. Create your own content using stock photos, and attention-grabbing titles. People are more likely to repost your content, and you will get more overall engagement. So, create your own content that will stand out to your target audience.

Actively Engage:

  • Create better captions and ask your audience questions so you can dominate social media.
  • Remain active: always respond to comments, reach out to new followers, and do all of this within 24 hours.

Tell a Story:

  • People don’t just buy products or services, they buy stories. They buy products/services that will make them become a better version of themselves.
  • Focus on telling your story. Let your audience get to know you on a personal level. You want them to feel connected and to trust you. Open up.

Experiment with Ads:

  • If you haven’t started using ads on social media, 2019 is the time to start. No matter what your budget is, there are ways to take advantage of social media ads. This will expand your reach.
  • Ads are becoming more relevant and there are plenty of targeting options when creating them. Find ways to boost your business through ads this year.

Start Taking your Analytics Seriously

  • You need to be aware of things like ages of your audience, what days and times they’re most active on social media, what content performed the best, how many times your links were clicked, and your engagement rate.
  • Make monthly reports on your analytics to see if your social media presence, engagement, and reach is increasing.

Showcase your Personality

  • Have some fun with it. Show your audience your personality. Make your content worth following. Make your brand stand out from your competitors.
  • You need to be more personable with your audience, try your best to relate with them.

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