10 Ways to get more traffic to your Twitter page

  1. Get more retweets! These are very important. Without these, there is no spreading of your social content throughout the twitter feed. Your post is posted, and very quickly it will reach the very bottom of your audience’s feed, and they are less likely to see the post. Retweets are a valuable marketing source and will boost your brand’s awareness the more that you get. Retweets get people to click on your profile, view your website, and potentially will lead them to purchasing your product/service.
  2. Create an amazing Twitter profile. You need a great photo that reinforces your brand and the way you want people to view your brand. If you want people to follow you, you need to retweet your posts and visit your website frequently.
  3. Cover photo. Your cover photo should be an activity. Something to catch your audience’s eye. Something that represents your brand and what you do. Include your tagline in the cover photo as well.
  4. You need an attention grabbing twitter bio. The first sentence of your bio should say your name, and what you do. Make sure to add your URL (especially if you are trying to get people to purchase products/services/gain knowledge about what you offer). The second sentence should be proof. People won’t want to listen to what you are marketing if you don’t have certifications/qualifications. Then, the last sentence needs to be a call to action. Get consumers to do what you want them to do (visit your site).
  5. Build your twitter following. The more people you have to put your content in front of, the better chance you have of them retweeting/sharing your content to others. This builds your brand reach.
  6. Start with following targeted users. Find an influencer, go through their recent followers and those they are following. Follow those people. This ensures you are targeting exactly who you need to be targeting.
  7. Direct message your followers. Try to convert your followers into newsletter subscribers. As soon as they follow you, reach out and engage with them. Get personal, and address them by their name.
  8. Add links to your twitter posts. If you want people to follow you on every social media channel, be sure to include those links in your bio. This will help expand followers on all platforms.
  9. Always add a call of action to your twitter posts. Get your audience to do something. Whether it be, clicking on a blog post linked to your website, answering a question, following a profile, etc.
  10. Tweet more. The more you tweet, the more followers you will gain. Staying active on twitter is very important. Don’t let people forget about you.

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